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Simple Review Builder
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If reviews are important to your business, check out the easiest way on the planet to get more positive reviews online.

With SimpleReviewBuilder it only takes about 3 seconds of your time to get more positive reviews.  Check it out!
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GoodWordGifts offers a unique collection of inspirational coffee mugs, posters and more, to inspire and be inspired.  

If you're looking for a unique gift for yourself or someone who could benefit from an inspirational gift, check out GoodWordGifts
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I started DesertStreamPublications in 1992 as a part-time ministry to pass on the wisdom knowledge and understanding I have gotten over the last forty years.

If you enjoy inspirational books, check out DesertStreamPublications.
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Ray Evans

Living For Today...Preparing For Tomorrow

I started SimpleGrafx in 1997 as a graphics company, creating websites, banners and other graphics to help businesses succeed online using the tools and technology of the Internet.

I love building and helping businesses...but as I neared retirement (with no heir-apparent) I recalled God's simple formula for living a good life: Live For Today, Prepare For Tomorrow.

I decided to divest myself from activities that required my specialized knowledge and ability, to concentrate on activities that could survive my case God saw fit to call me home.  

To wit, I stopped taking on new clients and reduced the business services I provide to a single service...helping businesses generate more positive reviews online. 

It doesn't mean I'm not busy...I'm busier than ever.  I still have several active clients; but now I have the time to write books, create new products for my ecomm store.  I also have several projects on the drawing board, that, like review-building doesn't require my specialized knowledge or ability...things that can survive with or without me that I can pass on, when I pass on :-)

Why reviews?  After forty-plus years in business and over twenty years of marketing online I have found that the most important element for doing business today is having a lot of positive reviews; but most of the programs available today are complex, expensive, and require a lot of time from the owner or staff...until now.

SimpleReviewBuilder is...well, simple.

While the Internet has changed dramatically over the last twenty years, people have not. They still want to do business with people they trust.  Thru reviews, they now have a way to find out how others have been treated without the pain of "buyer's remorse." 

If reviews are important to your business, I encourage you to check out SimpleReviewBuilder; it's the easiest way on the planet to get more positive reviews.  If you want to inspire or be inspired, check out my inspired books and inspirational gifts.

To your success...

May God richly bless you on your journey thru life.

Ray's First Rule of Marketing:
"If they don't know you exist,
they can't buy from you"

Ray Evans, Author,"The IVAT Principle, How To Sell Almost Anything To Almost Anyone" , "7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Double Your Sales" and others.
The IVAT Principle
7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Double Your Sales

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