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If you like the one-on-on approach and personal attention that comes from dealing with people who are passionate about what they do, call me direct at 817-715-9802 and let my forty-years business experience and eighteen years marketing on the Internet help you.

At SimpleGrafx we specialize in helping small and home-based businesses get on the web and growing fast.

Responsive Websites that automatically resize for Desktops, Tablets and SmartPhones, Local Directory Listing sync and optimization; and effective proven Search Display Remarketing and Mobile SEM (Search Engine Marketing - Pay-Per-Click) and Email campaigns, SimpleGrafx can help your business grow.

Ray Evans

Ray Evans, Author, "The IVAT Principle, How To Sell Almost Anything To Almost Anyone" and "7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Double Your Business" and several others.
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Responsive Websites Local Directory Listing Sync and Optimization Search Display Remarketing and Mobile Advertising Direct Email and Postcard Marketing

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